Expungement Lawyer Orange County

Expungement Lawyer Orange County

If you have been charged with either a misdemeanor or certain felonies, you are entitled to expunge your criminal records in California under Penal Code 1203.4.  Expungement is the process of releasing a person from all penalties and disabilities arising out of a conviction. Essentially, expunging a criminal record allows offers one a fresh start from an otherwise questionable past because it has the effect of cleaning your criminal record such that expunging one’s criminal record can help secure or maintain various California professional licenses. The relevant portion of the law that is applicable to Expungement in Orange County is summarized below. However, the full text of the Expungement laws in Orange County can be found in California Penal Code Section 1203.4. For a defendant to be eligible for Expungement, the defendant must prove any of the following acts occurred;
  • The defendant successfully completed probation, and
  • The defendant is not currently charged with a criminal offense, on probation for a criminal offense or serving a sentence for a criminal offense
Successful completion of probation means that one has a) completed all the terms of probation, b) attended all required court appearances, and c) did not commit any new crimes while on probation. The Expungement laws in Orange County is a very useful process to a defendant charged with that crime in that it allows a defendant to essentially clear his or her criminal record. At The Atias Law Firm, a criminal defense law firm in Orange County, we know the ins and outs of getting your criminal record expunged.

What Is The Eligibility For Expungement In Orange County?

Expungement of one’s criminal record is not offered to a person who was sent to state prison either at the time of sentencing for the crime or because of a probation violation. If one has received a probation violation during his or her probationary period, he or she is still eligible for the expungement of the criminal record if it can shown that one has performed well on probation overall.  The courts will also look at the seriousness of the underlying conviction and one’s criminal history.

What Happens If I Have a Prior Conviction?

If you have been convicted of a crime in California it is very important that you proceed with expunging your record once your probation has been successfully completed. Once your criminal record is expunged it will help you secure various types of employment that you would not ordinarily get due to your criminal record, help you obtain various state professional license that you might not have been able to secure with a criminal record and quite possibly help avoid certain immigration consequences including deportation. The Atias Law Firm will help you with getting your record swiftly expunged.

What Should I do about Seeking An Expungement in Orange County?

Contact The Atias Law Firm today for a free and confidential consultation with regard to getting your criminal record expunged.

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